Lodge Cabin Decor Dealer of the Week #7!


Can you believe that we are at week 7 with our newest dealer promotion?

Mountain Woods Furniture, Mfg LLC is so happy to announce that Lodge Cabin Decor is our sixth dealer of the week!  Tony Queen – Owner of Lodge Cabin Decor has been a delight to work with and come to know.

Tony was also delighted to take part in our Dealer of the Week promotion and here is what he had to say:

“Lodge Cabin Decor is dedicated to “Bringing the outdoors in” and has chosen Mountain Woods Furniture for a many good reasons. First of all it is handmade in the USA and the customer support is top notch! The Aspen Log Furniture is very unique and will last more than a lifetime so you and your guests will be able to enjoy it over and over again. Another key feature to Mountain Woods Furniture is the very beautiful Wyoming Collection. This particular line of reclaimed barn-wood says a statement all by itself, if it could only talk! And with their new Aspen Grizzly Line you can really add a bite to your current decor or furnish an entire room with this motive. Lodge Cabin Decor is proud to be an Independent Retailer for Mountain Woods Furniture and would love to help you turn your visions into reality.”

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Lodge Cabin Decor’s online retail store will surely reach the top of your most recent searches lists in no time!

From all of us at Mountain Woods Furniture Mfg,LLC -Congratulations and we look forward to the years to come!


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